20 Circular Garden Bed Design Ideas: Unique & Stylish

We’ve put together what we believe are the best rounded garden bed design ideas out there. Our team carefully reviewed multiple gardening sites for flower bed ideas and received input from a professional landscaper on their feasibility. 
Seek inspiration and talk to a local gardener or landscaper – they’ll be more than happy to provide advice and help you bring your selected design to life.

Lets Start with the 20 Circular Garden Bed Designs

1. Colorful Perennial Border

vibrant perennials in your circular flower bed
by Pinterest

Use a mix of vibrant perennials in your circular flower bed to create a lively border that changes through the seasons.

2. Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden
by Pinterest

A round garden bed filled with various succulents is perfect for a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant display.

3. Herb Spiral

Herb Spiral
by Pinterest

Create a spiral within your raised bed, planting different herbs at various levels for both aesthetic appeal and practical use.

4. Zen Rock Garden

Zen Rock Garden beds
by Pinterest

Combine smooth river rocks with ornamental grasses in a circular flower bed for a peaceful, Zen-inspired garden.

5. Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden
by Pinterest

Plant butterfly-attracting flowers in your round garden bed, like milkweed, lavender, and butterfly bush.

6. Fragrant Rose Circle

Fragrant Rose Circle
by Pinterest

A circular flower bed filled with different varieties of roses creates a visually stunning and fragrant display.

7. Shade-Loving Hostas

Shade-Loving Hostas
by Pinterest

Ideal for a shady area in a small garden, a circular bed of various hosta plants offers a lush, green, and easy-care option.

8. Tropical Retreat

Circular Tropical Retreat Bed
by Pinterest

Use tropical plants in your flower bed design to create a lush, vibrant circular garden.

9. Edible Garden Circle

Edible Garden Circle
by Pinterest

Incorporate vegetables and herbs in your raised bed for a functional yet beautiful garden.

10. Spring Bulb Display

Spring Bulb Display
by Pinterest

Plant a variety of spring bulbs in your round garden bed for a bright, cheerful display in early spring.

11. Cottage Garden Mix

Cottage Garden bed
by Pinterest

Combine traditional cottage garden plants in your flower bed for a charming, informal display.

12. Fairy Garden

circular  fairy garden bed
by Pinterest

Turn your circular flower bed into a whimsical fairy garden with miniature plants and tiny houses.

13. Rock Garden with Alpine Plants

Rock Garden with Alpine Plants
by Pinterest

Create an alpine feel in your circular garden bed with rock garden plants and small boulders.

14. Ornamental Grass Circle

Ornamental Grass Circle
by Pinterest

Use a mix of ornamental grasses in a round garden bed for a contemporary look.

15. Wildflower Meadow

Wildflower garden bed
by Pinterest

Sow a mix of wildflower seeds in your circular flower bed for a natural, meadow-like appearance.

16. Formal Boxwood Circle

clipped boxwood shrubs
by Pinterest

Use clipped boxwood shrubs in your flower bed to create a formal, structured design.

17. Water Feature Centerpiece

small fountain circular garden bed
by Pinterest

Place a small fountain or birdbath in the center of your circular garden bed surrounded by moisture-loving plants.

18. Mosaic of Groundcovers

groundcovers in a mosaic pattern
by Pinterest

Plant different groundcovers in a mosaic pattern in your round garden bed for a tapestry-like effect.

19. Moon Garden

circular flower bed with white and silver plants
by Pinterest

Fill your circular flower bed with white and silver plants that glow in the moonlight, like white roses and silver artemisia.

20. Seasonal Annuals

circular bed with the seasons plants
by Pinterest

Change the plants in your circular bed with the seasons for a constantly evolving display, perfect for a small garden.


What are the benefits of a circular garden bed design?

Circular garden beds are visually appealing and can serve as a striking focal point in a garden. They provide a 360-degree view, making them accessible and enjoyable from all angles. These beds can also be more efficient in terms of space usage and can be easily integrated into any garden style.

How do I choose the right plants for my circular garden bed?

The choice of plants depends on several factors: the amount of sunlight the area receives, the soil type, water availability, and the overall climate. It’s also important to consider the height, color, and blooming time of plants to ensure a balanced and harmonious look. For a well-rounded appearance, mix taller plants in the center with shorter ones towards the edges.

Can I incorporate a water feature in my circular garden bed?

Absolutely! A water feature such as a small fountain or birdbath can be a beautiful centerpiece for a circular garden bed. It adds a sense of tranquility and can attract wildlife like birds and butterflies. Ensure the water feature’s size and style complement the overall garden design.

What type of maintenance is required for a circular garden bed?

Maintenance varies depending on the types of plants chosen. Generally, it includes regular watering, mulching, pruning, deadheading flowers, and controlling weeds. Seasonal maintenance, such as spring cleaning and fall preparation, is also important to keep the garden healthy and attractive.

How can I make my circular garden bed environmentally friendly?

To create an eco-friendly garden, choose native plants that are adapted to your local climate and require less water and maintenance. Incorporating a mix of plants that attract pollinators can support local biodiversity. Using organic mulches and avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticides also contribute to a more sustainable garden.

Are any of the Circular Garden Bed designs on your shortlist or have you already implemented any of them in your garden?

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